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Our clients know that 1:Me™ coaching and action learning boost performance while increasing retention.

Programs For Individuals
Programs For Teams & Cohorts

IMPACT Group participants would recommend their program to others.

"IMPACT Group implemented a terrific leadership development program for our managers. The process will be instrumental in improving employee engagement throughout our organization." 

Larry Siebs, CEO at Shared Imaging

"We have worked with IMPACT Group on several executive coaching engagements to accelerate leadership development for high-potential leaders. We have seen an immediate return on our investment!"  

Barbara Howes, CHRO at Pliant Therapeutics, Inc.

"The leadership development programs have led to process improvements, growth, and efficiencies for Veolia overall. We know the programs work. The participants and leaders  love them."

Augie Schulke, CHRO at Veolia

Programs for Teams / Cohorts

Development programs focused on change, resilience, metrics, & diversity.

High IMPACT Coaching

A leadership development program that comprises virtual or in-person workshops, 1:Me™ coaching, assessments, and individual action plans, as well as other options.

Women in Leadership

A learning environment and 1:Me™ coaching approach that creates a more inclusive culture and is proven to increase retention while preparing talent for success as they take on bigger roles.

High IMPACT Teams

This transformative program develops understanding and trust. Participants learn through assessments and coaching, and ultimately work together to produce a unique set of common agreements for interacting as a high-performance team.

High IMPACT Leadership

For new leaders, this program includes 1:Me™ coaching combined with a more curriculum-based approach to teach the best practices of managing others.  

Multicultural Team EQ®

Leveraging our Team EQ® framework, this is for teams with members from different global cultures. It includes a multicultural assessment. With heightened understanding of their diverse cultures, they come together to create their own set of common agreements.

Programs for Individuals

Action learning and 1:Me™ coaching for executives and emerging leaders.

High IMPACT Coaching

A comprehensive development program for next-gen leaders that comprises 1:Me™ coaching, assessments, and an action plan along with other optional components, such as guidance on developing a capstone project to deliver business results.

Executive / Leadership Coaching

Through assessment, coaching, and an action plan, executives and other key leaders improve emotional intelligence, focusing on their own behaviors affecting performance.

High IMPACT Start

This program offers a structured, strategic approach to maximize an employee's performance in their first 100 days in a new role. Excellent for new hires, recently promoted managers, or relocating leaders.

Assessment + Coaching 

What happens after the 360° assessment? The results give your leaders greater insight - but don't stop there. By adding a coach, you help your leader know what to do with these insights to improve performance.

Wraparound Coaching

Wraparound coaching is a powerful enhancement to your existing development offerings – whether instructor-led or offered via LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft, or another platform. Adding 1:Me™ coaching sessions boosts accountability and performance.

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Proven, Focused Coaching Model

“Clients value the rigor, relevance, and quality of these programs as well as our expertise in creating personalized coaching experiences.


Marcia E. Mueller, BCC

VP Global Leadership, IMPACT Group

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